Out of the Fog - Reviews

“Donna Moore brings two extremely different aspects of Native American life together in a very provocative manner stimulating our senses to the powerful healing energies involved in the traditional vision quest.

“Alcoholism has become an immense problem for our people ever since the white man brought liquor to us. On the other hand, the vision quest has proven to be a powerful force in the lives of Native Americans. Out of the Fog reveals the great healing powers of the vision quest experience, and how the quest aids us in discovering who we are, and why we are here in this lifetime.”

“I expected to like your book but I LOVED IT! You’ve captured the essence of indigenous spirituality and made it understandable to the uninitiated. AND, for the initiated, brought greater clarity of how one can incorporate these practices into everyday life. It is also a grand tribute to the heart and soul of the Suquamish people.”

“Having lived in Suquamish for over 30 years, I had fun reading about landmarks so familiar to me. Although I’m not Native American, I think you did a great job of portraying how the Suquamish have enlivened their culture and rebuilt their great canoe nation.”