Out of the Fog - An Overview

Out of the Fog - book cover

Dan Waterson, a modern-day, 40-year old Native American man, has so far avoided the spiritual teachings of his traditional Suquamish grandfather and even been somewhat ashamed of his background. In other ways he has also been “in a fog” about his unhealthy lifestyle (drinking) and lack of caring for his family.

The setting is Suquamish, Blake Island, and Bainbridge Island, directly across Puget Sound from the city of Seattle in the State of Washington.

After going “back in time into non-ordinary reality,” Dan experiences a traditional vision quest and learns of his greater purpose in life – to alert The People to the state of the declining environment. After many adventures he is reunited with his ex-wife and two sons and becomes a leader among the Suquamish. His efforts help to reinstate the Salish Canoe Culture tradition.

This novel will particularly appeal to those interested in Salish culture, shamanic traditions and environmental concerns. It is highly recommended for schools, book discussion groups and students of shamanism.

Profits from the sale of this book will be donated to the Suquamish Tribe.