Donna Moore's Books

Out of the Fog

Out of the Fog - book cover

A novel about finding personal and environmental integrity.

Suquamish Indian Dan Waterson, Captain of the ferry boat Kaleetan has his regular Puget Sound morning crossing interrupted when he finds himself back 67 years in time on a traditional vision quest. He learns of his life’s great purpose, to alert The People to the state of the declining environment, but finds it difficult to meet Great Spirit’s challenge.

Up Close and Personal

Up Close and Personal - book cover

Experiential exercises for building a spiritual community.

Most of us learn best from our own experiences - not simply from reading about or hearing someone else talk about their experiences. What cements that learning is reflecting on and talking about our experiences with others. In doing this, the meaning becomes clearer and we can then make choices based on growing awareness rather than on assumptions.

The exercises in this book are experiential in nature. They are designed to initially expose each participant to an idea. The participants must then do something with that idea, and finally reflect on it personally and with others. In that way, the meaning of the experience becomes clearer. I have found that utilizing experiential exercises brings about the deepest learning. These exercises are designed to foster intimacy and build community.

Circles Within Circles

Circles Within Circles - book cover

Honoring the elements through Haiku poetry.

Tiny glimpses which take their inspiration from the great circle of life. Some are earth inspired, others resonate more with water, while many focus on the air or the fire of life. All honor my Celtic heritage and the First People of the Western Hemisphere.


Take Charge of Your Own Career

Take Charge of Your Own Career - book cover

A guide to Federal Employment
by Donna J. Moore with Susan Vanderwey.

A user-friendly, highly interactive do-it-yourself guide to working for the nation’s largest employer, the Federal Government. Written for newcomers entering the system as well as old-timers moving up, for those making the transition from military to civilian positions, and those simply seeking change.